Future Ready with
Magna’s Scalable Solutions

Autonomous driving requires intelligent and connected mobile solutions. Magna offers intelligent solutions designed for an autonomous future.


From Front Camera Modules to Single and Multi-Cameras, Magna offers a comprehensive portfolio of innovative and intelligent driver assistance systems. Lane Departure Warning, Traffic Sign Recognition, Forward Collision Warning, Lighting Automation, Glare-Free High Beam, Camera Monitoring Systems and Collision Mitigation are just some of the features provided by Magna.

Magna's camera systems provide the driver with active guidance during parking and driving scenarios. Innovative technologies offered include 3D surround view systems that enable a 360 degree view around your vehicle, where camera video streams are processed and stitched together seamlessly.

• Ranges from 2MP to 25MP for innovative and intelligent driving
• Supports Level 3 Autonomy and NCAP 2022


Magna's ICONTM Radar sets a new standard in high-resolution automotive digital radar. It incorporates advanced technology used by the US military to provide precise detection, extensive range, and high resiliency.

With a range of more than 300m, Magna's radar continuously scans the environment in four dimensions (distance, height, depth and speed). The advanced radar technology can detect and track almost 100x more objects than competitive radars and individually classify them - at 50x faster than the blink of an eye.


The Magna Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) Domain Controller enables a flexible and scalable autonomous driving compute platform for different vehicle and interface requirements. Different systems (SoCs) can be integrated to enable customer-specific preferences.

We offer CPU computing power from 14,000 DMIPS to 300,000 DMIPS, up to 110 TOPS for deep learning applications, with flexible vehicle network interfaces.

Magna’s DCs are designed to support scalable functionalities toward ADAS and all levels of autonomous driving.


Magna's high resolution HD LiDAR is an enabler to autonomous driving and can support multiple use cases with "Multi-Mode" and "Smart Beam" capabilities.

Highly integrated solid-state LiDAR technology is a cost-efficient solution for high volume scenarios, with few laser sources and small detector arrays to reduce heat and costs.

7.5M pixels/sec data density capabilities can support industrialization, validation, integration and SW automotive requirements.


Our Ultrasonic sensors are developed with a transformerless design at 15-400cm range, or a standard sensing capability of 15-600cm. Magna's ADAS portfolio also includes a performance sensor that is AK-2 compatible, coded signal DSI3 BUS or point-to-point safe communication architecture.


Magna’s short range radar module comes in an optimized package and augments ADAS applications for ACC+ and future autonomy.

The 80 GHz radar solution can detect objects at the sides of moving or parked vehicles making it ideal for multi-functional features all from the same package. The same radar can be utilized to support both ADAS applications and power vehicle access features for non-contact obstacle detection.

All available from an aesthetically neutral implementation.

Features include:
• Augmenting ADAS applications for ACC+/Autonomy
• Non-contact obstacle detection and gesture recognition for power doors and power liftgates


CLEARVIEWTM digital vision systems are designed to enhance driver experiences.

The exterior system utilizes a camera wing mounted beyond the widest point of the vehicle to achieve the necessary field of view. This smaller package results in increased safety and reduced drag while allowing for existing consumer-favorite features to remain such as surround view, logo/ground illumination and integrated turn signals.

The interior system switches between a traditional reflective surface and a full-size display showing an unobstructed view from the rear-mounted camera. All while improving styling and adding new safety features.

Features include:
• Customizable field of views
• Dynamic overlays to provide intuitive depth perception
• Improved rear vision during low light conditions


Magna’s INVISIONTM adaptive driving beam technology allows drivers to experience increased safety and uniform high beam illumination without glaring other vehicles and objects on the road.

The technology utilizes forward camera vision inputs to determine vehicle and object location and adapts to reduce glare without distracting the drivers and others.

Additional INVISION features include the capability to reduce glare from traffic signs and to perform speed dependent lighting, virtual dynamic bending, hazard/pedestrian detection and tourist conversion.

Lighting the path to innovation, safety and styling, INVISION is scalable and currently available in 11, 17 and 60 element beam patterns.